TF1 mulls S-VOD service

January 11, 2013 11.15 Europe/London By Robert Briel

French private broadcaster TF1 is on the verge of launching a subscription-VOD service using Amazon, according to Les Echos.

Speaking at a conference, Nonce Paolini, CEO of TF1, said that it had become necessary for the broadcaster to start a paid-for premium service alongside the current free-to-air business. “Free television has a big advantage – it is free”.

But with the evolving market conditions, TF1 will also have to enter the paid-for television market.

However, Paolini is worried by the conditions the French government is posing upon the broadcasters with regards to French llcal production. He points at Amazon, that has chosen domicile in Luxembourg and is exempt from such regulation.

TF1 is now also contemplates the idea of using the route – “I might not be a patriot,” he said, “But at least I am not stupid”.