Tough times for Ukrainian IPTV

January 11, 2013 11.24 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

IPTV is proving slow to take off in Ukraine, with the number of homes receiving services legally estimated to be no higher than 150,000.

The figure, provided by Dmitry Grischuk, the CEO of IPNET and quoted by Mediasat, equates to only 2% of all broadband subscribers.

However, the true could figure could be even much lower, with the market still very much in its infancy.

There are also only a small number of companies providing IPTV services legally.

Aside from IPNET, they include TeNe T and Trinity, based in Odessa and Mariupol respectively.

What is more, plans by larger companies such as Ukrtelekom and Kyivstar still remain on the drawing board.