BARB studies audience measurement beyond 7 days

January 11, 2013 11.40 Europe/London By Julian Clover

UK audience researcher BARB has completed pilot work on how it can report the viewing of programmes past the established seven-day period after transmission.

The organization says digital technology has made it easier for viewers to record programmes, even when they had previously forgotten to record them. The focus is now on establishing how the reports can be produced most effectively within the context of established data delivery timetables.

Currently BARB records both the audience at the time of the original transmission and any catch-up viewing for the seven days that follow. However, some broadcasters including ITV allow viewers to view their content for a 30-day period after a show’s transmission.

Last year BARB began tracking viewing through desktops and laptops. Kantar Media Audiences is continuing to install meters onto computers in core panel homes to provide insight into how viewing is taking place across different screens in the home.

Known as Project Dovetail, BARB says the opportunity lies in the metadata that can be embedded in the programme and advertising content delivered through this platform. While this will not establish how many people are watching it will accurately identify the number and duration of viewing sessions.