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Thread: Software for this hardware

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    Arrow Software for this hardware

    Hello !
    I need alternative software (or just boot) for this hardware.
    It is useless to name that receiver, very unknown name.
    Picture is much better.
    Box is look like

    Hope somebody know that hardware under more "popular" name!
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    Re: Software for this hardware

    Boot or flash dump (AT49BV162A can be read with EJFlasher but not write)
    EJFlasher cant detect that flash but you can read it.
    Boot from 0-ffff, full dump $0-200000

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    Re: Software for this hardware

    Cant beleive ! :(

    Nobady recognize that piece of hardware.
    Thats mean nobady know or have flash dump for that
    "pritty" receiver Tonic-B010 !!?!?!?

    maybe anyone know some satellite froum in Hong Kong ??

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