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Thread: Diablo Cam 2 GSM/GPRS Duolabs

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    Diablo Cam 2 GSM/GPRS Duolabs

    Diablo Cam 2 GSM/GPRS Duolabs
    Diablo Cam 2 GSM/GPRS Duolabs

    The Diablo Cam 2 GSM is fully revolutionary Conditional Access Moulee based on ARM7 TDMI processor running at the speed of 50Mhz combined with a powerful FPGA and a GPRS Modem. The Diablo CAM 2 GSM will grant the possibility to grant the connection to the Internet using a GSM - GPRS connection.This extraor-dinary feature is completely new for a DVB application and enhances a large number of possible scenarios.No need for a Broadband connection a normal Cellular Line will be used to get access to the Internet.The Diablo CAM 2 GSM has one Smartcard ISO 7816 reader and one GSM SIM card reader.


    Embedded Conditional Access System
    Specifications aviable under NDA
    900/1800 Mhz Dual Band connection
    Secure content protection
    Customizable menu
    Watching statistics feedback to the broadcaster
    Targeted Advertising
    Fully compatible with any Common Interface device
    Via Internet update
    Attached Images Attached Images

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