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Thread: Digitalbox HDST-1200 CXCI Usb PVR COMBO

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    Digitalbox HDST-1200 CXCI Usb PVR COMBO

    for this digital box I use the software of the YAMATU HD BIG there is support untill today in the relevant part of Yamatu receivers.
    galaxy inovations truman emu.
    please note :Model ID= ALI_3602
    sw version=060001001.4.86 emu
    HW =ALI--HD1-LV- ver.1.0
    loader= m3602A 1.1.6(newest loader
    date aug 3 /2012

    update via usb:
    select first:All soft plus bootloader( to update any older bootloaders) wait untill the box reboots.
    then continue updating by selecting "all software plus Channel list."
    Attention. channel lists updating ONLY are sometimed bypassing the checking of the software and can be uploaded but the box does not boot afterwards.

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    Re: Digitalbox HDST-1200 CXCI Usb PVR COMBO

    Can you please tell me if that software is enigma2 compattible?

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