Hybrid Roku-DTV antenna slated for 2013

Michelle Clancy | 14-01-2013

Hybrid TV continues to gain steam as VOXX Accessories is working with Roku to begin development of the industry's first integrated digital antenna with over-the-top (OTT) streaming, leveraging the Roku Streaming Stick.

The 'Roku Ready' digital antenna will allow consumers to receive both over-the-air local HD broadcast and streaming entertainment from the Roku platform. VOXX is targeting the fourth quarter of 2013 for a launch under the RCA and TERK brands.

"TV watching habits are changing, with more and more consumers getting their entertainment from over-the-top sources, like Netflix and Hulu," said David Geise, president of VOXX Accessories. "Consumers are also realising in growing numbers that over-the-air digital TV gives them the best picture and the most options for programming."

The deal has automatic scale: VOXX Accessories is the market share leader in digital antenna sales and currently ships in excess of 2.5 million antennas per year under the RCA and TERK brands.

"The new digital antenna with Roku is a truly innovative use of the Roku Streaming Stick," said, Chas Smith, general manager of OEM business at Roku. "Consumers will get instant access to a wealth of entertainment choices."