Streamweaver clenches $1.3MN for split-screen video tech

Michelle Clancy | 14-01-2013

Split-screen mobile video company Streamweaver has closed a $1.3 million round of funding from a group of investors that includes former Facebook chief security officer Chris Kelly.

Venturebeat is reporting that the company will use the new funding for additional development and marketing.

Byron Smith and INCITE Co-investment Fund, and existing investors Tennessee Community Ventures and Mountain Group Capital, are also part of the round.

Streamweaver, a free app for iOS devices, can take several different video feeds and combine them into a split-screen view of an event for a multi-dimension view. The videos can then be captioned, tagged with location and then shared out via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or text. Videos can be up to 60 seconds long.

"We deliver it in a beautiful mobile video app that is social from the moment you tap record," said Erik Carlson, CEO and cofounder of Streamweaver. "We all have different perspectives of any given event. With Streamweaver, we set out to connect perspectives and give consumers the thrill of seeing what they did not see the other sides of the story all in sync with their own."

A user can invite other users on-the-fly to add video to a repository. The app, as Carlson pointed out, functions like a social network, so users can add friends to their circle. If one person is at a concert, for instance, he or she can invite friends from within the app to record with them, and add to the combined footage. Other Streamweaver users can view the footage, 'like' and add comments from within the app.

"After friends record and upload their videos through the app, Streamweaver combines them into a single split-screen video that plays all perspectives, uncut and synchronized, at the same time and on the same screen," said Carlson. "While this viewing experience is common in TV, film and advertising, Streamweaver is the first to bring it to mobile video."