Telenor de-orbits Thor II

Editor | 14-01-2013

After 15 years of operational life Thor II, the first craft Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc) specified, commissioned and launched, has finally reached a graveyard orbit.

Providing satellite coverage for broadcast services throughout the Nordic countries, Thor II was effectively replaced in 2008 by TSBc’s THOR 5 satellite which was designed to deliver growth capacity for both the Nordic and Central and Eastern European markets, where TSBc says there is much demand for broadcast services. TSBc is looking to build upon what it calls its strengthened market position with the launch of THOR 7 by the middle of 2014.

Thor II continued to offer offering inclined-orbit services until the latter part of 2012 and completed its final journey to an orbit more than 350km above geosynchronous orbit where satellites are placed at the end of their operational life.

“Thor II was Telenor’s first procured communications satellite and facilitated the growth of Canal Digital’s DTH operations in the Nordic Region. The satellite was built by Hughes (now Boeing) and has been a reliable asset in space that has served us very well through its life in orbit”, explained TSBc vice president and CEO Cato Halsaa. “Furthermore, this satellite represents TSBc’s commercial foundation and for this reason it is fitting to commemorate its years of service at 1° West, which is now one of the fastest growing platforms for video distribution and serves more than 17 million households in the Nordic region and throughout Central and Eastern Europe”.