Euronews to reach one million homes in Spain

Iñaki Ferreras | 15-01-2013

The pan-European news channel Euronews has entered Spain's regional channels Aragón TV and Murcia's 7RM, both on DTT, by means of two agreements through which the channels will partially distribute its signal to nearly one million homes.

ATV has become Euronews Networks first Spanish partner and will broadcast daily live programming distributed by the European TV group.

Through the agreement with ATV, Euronews will reach some half million homes in the northern region of Aragón where ATV has an average share of 11.3%, one of the largest shares of any Spanish regional TV channel.

7RM broadcasts in the southern region of Murcia and it reaches half million homes.
Euronews has some 400 journalists, correspondents and journalists of over 25 different nationalities.