Mexico's Ultravisión launches TV Everywhere

Iñaki Ferreras | 15-01-2013

The Mexican MMDS operator Ultravisión – owned by Grupo Ultra Telecom – is launching the TV Everywhere Fox Play and Moviecity Play services today.

Fox Play will be available to all subscribers, but contents will vary depending on the package they're subscribed to, according to Next TV Latam. The services include content from Fox's channels, Moviecity's basic channels (Cinencanal and Film Zone) and Fox Sports.

Only subscribers to Ultravision's premium package will have access to Moviecity.

The Ultravisión MMDS service was founded in 1990 and serves 14 Mexican states. In 2001 the digitalization of the system was finalized in association with the Chinese provider Gospell.

Grupo Ultra Telecom also has radio stations, a TV channel and the news network Ultra Noticias.

Moviecity Play launched in April 2011 and is already distributed on the regions pay-TV platforms.