Monterosa claims first end-to-end second-screen broadcast platform

Editor | 16-01-2013

Second-screen TV technology specialist Monterosa Productions has announced the commercial launch of its LViS Studio platform for creating and deploying apps to enhance sport, entertainment and advertising on TV.

After 550 TV shows and over 1,000 hours of primetime second-screen success—most notably with iOS and Android apps for Channel 4’s Million Pound Drop which have achieved over 1 million UK downloads since 2012— Monterosa says that its new platform will empower broadcasters, producers and advertisers to create rapidly “engaging” second-screen apps that are easy to develop, test and deploy.

LViS Studio includes a suite of re-usable elements, each with its own API to create interactive experiences, such as play-along gaming, prediction gaming, secure and compliant voting and competitions, pushed, synched advertising and coupons, live audience opinion polling and swing polling. It also allows broadcasters, producers or brands to ‘re-skin’ LViS template apps, or to make their own from scratch, then to deploy the HTML5 experience across any current or emerging platform used by the audience.

The apps also integrate with social networks and with TV shows or ads through on-screen graphics or presenter feeds including integration with VizRT, Clarity, Chyron or other graphics solutions.

Monterosa has already developed solutions for content, broadcast and advertising partners such as Sky, Shine, Endemol and MediaCom, the beta version of LViS has already powered a range of sports, entertainment and advertising apps, such as Sky Sports' Ryder Cup Challenge, The Rolling Stones' live encore vote, and Volkswagen's "One Song" second-screen X Factor event. Notably, the company emphasises that its solution offers what it calls proven, deployed in-built monetisation tools, including synched advertising, coupons, data capture and premium content payments.

Monterosa is confident in cashing in from second-screen technology believing that even though there is clear opportunity, most of what is currently available through automated second-screen apps is underwhelming to audiences.

The key to commercial success is being compelling and providing an audience-first approach suggested Monterosa Commercial Director, Tom McDonnell: "To achieve ROI, you need high volume. Advertisers won't pay for a few hundred users per show and your CEO won't keep paying for content that attracts low numbers. In order to get a significant portion of your TV audience involved on their device, you have to create something special and motivating… LViS Studio is making it possible for TV creatives to make the second screen as high quality as the first."