NanoTech Entertainment partners With EB2 Global Manufacturing

Louise Duffy | 17-01-2013

NanoTech Entertainment has completed a long term partnership agreement with Chinese consumer electronics firm EB2 Global Manufacturing.

EB2 will produce NanoTech's consumer electronics and gaming products, for which NanoTech is anticipating a cost reduction of 40% or better over its current costs for its existing product line.

"We are very excited to work with the EB2 team in ramping up our production runs from the hundreds to the thousands while reducing our cost of goods significantly," said NanoTech CEO Jeffrey Foley "The EB2 facilities are state of the art and we have already had excellent dialogue with their engineering team in reviewing our products and getting them ready for tooling and production."

NanoTech will also expand its sales into the Asian market by leveraging the sales and distribution network already in place by EB2 for their own products.

Edward Norcott, Vice President of EB2 said: "We are looking forward to working with NanoTech team and building and selling their products into the vast Asian market."

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