PacketVideo, Aigo team on streaming video dongles

Michelle Clancy | 18-01-2013

PacketVideo is partnering with Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Aigo to provide dongle-based streaming video solutions to operators and content providers outside of China.

Consumers will be able to find the content they want to watch using their phone, tablet or PC and easily play it back on any TV with the dongle installed.

"We believe that operators and content providers are looking for new models to deliver content, and with the growth of smartphones and tablets, HDMI dongles are a user-friendly and cost-effective way to deliver a new content experience to end-users," said Richard Huang, general manager of Aigo. "We also believe that PacketVideo's history of working with service providers to develop and deploy solutions in the US and Europe gives us the best chance of success in this space."

The dongles will be Android- and Linux-powered, manufactured by Aigo and incorporating PacketVideo's Twonky client software and suite of multiscreen products. The two companies will also work with operators to integrate with their content services.

"We look forward to working with Aigo to help service providers and content owners outside of China more cost-effectively deliver content to their end users," said Jim Brailean, CEO of PacketVideo. "We believe the combination of Twonky software along with this unique form factor has the potential to create new business models for content delivery."