Blu-ray and VOD are growth factors for French market

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 18-01-2013

Blu-ray and VOD sales have become important growth factors in the French video market, reports the French association of video editors, Syndicat de l'Edition Vidéo Numérique (SEVN).

While the global video market reached €1,317 billion in 2012, down 5%, Blu-ray and digital sales rose significantly, according to figures compiled by GfK. Blu-ray represented a revenue of €224 million, up 9.3% compared to 2011, while VOD (adult segment excluded) is estimated to be €200 million, up 23%.

Last year, Blu-ray sales reached the ten million mark and 60 million VOD purchases were registered. However, with over 65 million units sold, DVD remains the favourite product for French households, accounting for two-thirds of the French sales (€863 million).

To make the market evolve and grow, while building on the legal VOD services that have been launched, SEVN is asking the French Government to adapt rules and media chronology to new usages.

It is suggesting that movies released in France in Q3 2013 be made available for Christmas - this is not currently possible as films aren't available for VOD until four months after their theatrical release and not until 36 months in the case of SVOD.

SEVN also wants new action to be taken against illegal downloads which still have a massive negative impact on the market.