MyTF1 launches second screen app

January 18, 2013 11.19 Europe/London By Robert Briel

French private broadcaster TF1 has launched a new second screen app claiming a ‘world first’ with instant replay.

Called Connect, the new app from MyTF1 offers four distinct features: instant replay of any scene that is streamed live to the device. When watching a programme on the second screen, the viewer can pause and wind back to see the scene again.

The MyTF1 Connect app also offers bonus videos, the ability to directly engage in social media discussions about a programme being watched and finally, a number of interactive features to accompany the programnme being broadcast.

“With Connect, we are very pleased to offer a unique experience that allows you to go further in our interaction with the public and is part of our ambition to activate and develop social ties around TF1 programnes,” said Régis Ravanas, deputy director-general, TF1 Group, diversification and president of TF1

“Thanks to its innovative, immersive and intuitive nature, Connect is the first true second screen experience in France, and the most comprehensive product on the market.”’