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Thread: CNL Full local all sids?

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    CNL Full local all sids?

    What's up with the people posting in the local exchagne section that they have Canal Digitaal NL full local with all sids. That is almost impossible unless you have 20+ cards and every card has a maximum of 4 sids. How many people have 20 locals? I advertise with the sids I really have local, that is 4 at the moment and maybe 8 or 12 in the near feature, but certainly not 80. Can somebody explain this to me?

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    Re: CNL Full local all sids?

    With oscam good cache-ex mode3 backup enough readers with similar card and sid limit set max 4 every 9 seconds in oscam users sometimes get from different card then your own but it works ok for me.

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    Re: CNL Full local all sids?

    Some people indeed do have 16 cards or more.

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