I have a motorised satellite system with 2 receivers, V.36 (Spiderbox 9000hd and Protek 9700HD) with a Technomate V II positioner.

My previous receiver was a Spiderbox 9900HD but this receiver had no RF sockets. My replacement receiver a 9000HD has RF connectors and I am wondering if this would change my existing connections or can I make them better.

I also have to take into account my DVD Home Cinema System!

Anyway, as I have 5 other TV's around the house, my Protek's scart (No RF conectors in this receiver) is connected to an RF Modulator. The Aerial conector is going to the DVD RF output. The other TV/VCR conector on the RF Modulator is going directly to the aerial socket on the wall.

I was just wondering if I can removed the RF Modulator now that the Spiderbox 9000 has RF sockets?

There are so many cables behind my TV which is difficult to know what is going on!

Any help greatly appreciated.