Xiaomi internet TV STB to resume video content service

Louise Duffy | 24-01-2013

Chinese handset and set-top box (STB) developer Xiaomi has announced that its Xiaomi Hezi STB will resume provision of video content services to customers next week.
According to Marbridge Consulting, it will receive approval from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) through collaboration with a third party, and plans on resuming sales of the STB before the Chinese New Year in mid-February.
Xiaomi suspended video content services in Xiaomi Hezi in November 2012 after an order from SARFT, due to non-compliance with SARFT regulations.
An industry source suggests Xiaomi Hezi may partner with Hangzhou-based DTV and IPTV operator Wasu Digital TV and Shanghai Media Group subsidiary BesTV New Media.