Fashion One goes online in Lithuania
January 24, 2013 08.20 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Fashion OneFashion One has announced their first online portal TV deal with NuboTV, the cloud television service in Lithuania.

The channel will also be available on mobile and tablet to the subscribers in NuboTV’s internet mobile portal starting February.

“In a fast changing media landscape, viewers nowadays expected to consume quality content in various mediums and Fashion One is already prepared for such a change with full multi-screen rights on all of our programmes,” said Fashion One’s CEO, Ashley Jordan, in a statement.

“These new multi-platform offerings signify Fashion One’s commitment to continually raise the game by reaching out to more female viewers in the world and giving them an enhanced, comprehensive and engaging viewing experience with our new expanded suite of services.”

“NuboTV gives its subscribers a unique opportunity of setting up personal content TV on the web. We are happy having female’s loved Fashion One among these selectable channels,” added Almantas Dulkys, NuboTV CEO.

“Among other things we are happy being first to broadcast Fashion one on the WEB and thus contribute to the channel popularity and desirability, on the other hand we believe that our customers will be pleased to watch Fashion one online. Already in February our customers will be able to watch Fashion One the mobile and tablet devices.”

NuboTV have more than 100,000 registered users on the platform. Users can subscribe by paying €3 to select Fashion One and another nine channels, or paying €6 to select a full package of channels.

NuboTV is the first web television service in Lithuania, providing a wide range of channels and unique sport content in Lithuania, which includes Dutch, Argentinean and Russian football leagues.