Endemol shakes up commercial, global brands business

Editor | 29-01-2013

After a period of some volatility, Endemol has continued its mission for corporate stability and profitability with a major reorganisation of its key business lines in commercial and global business.
The reorganisation is intended to mirror the Big Brother producer's creative structure and more closely integrate the company's commercial and creative activities, with the desired result of giving greater control to the Group's local operations around the world.
The independent TV and digital media production company, which claims to be the largest of its kind in the world, is to discontinue its Endemol Worldwide Brands (EWB) and replace it instead with a Group Commercial Board comprising senior Endemol executives from around the world.
Former EWB regional director, international, Branco Scherer, will run the new group, assuming the title of executive director, commercial affairs, liaising with the global Endemol sales operation. Scherer will report to Lucas Church who becomes chair of the Group's commercial board in addition to his ongoing role as CEO of Endemol UK. Former EWB executives based in Endemol's offices around the world will now report directly to local managing directors in each territory whilst working closely with Scherer and his team.
Commenting on the new management structure, Tim Hincks, president of Endemol Group said: "Our aim with these changes is to continue expanding our day-to-day commercial business locally whilst sharing ideas across the Group about the big opportunities for Endemol in today's fast changing global market."