Gossip Girl heads south of the border

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 29-01-2013

The Spanish language version of the hit show Gossip Girl, set in Acapulco rather than New York, will be produced in Latin America by Warner Bros International Television Production (WBITVP).
The series will premiere in Mexico this October on Canal 5, Time Warner has announced.
The US version of the series, which features elite young Manhattanites with access and appetite for all the temptations of urban life, has run for six seasons with more than 100 episodes on The CW. While the Acapulco characters won't repeat the names of original US counterparts, like Serena van der Woodsen and Chuck Bass, they will feature Latino actors and new entwinements from characters such as Sofia López-Haro and Max Zaga.
"We are very excited about working with El Mall and Televisa on the Latin American version of Gossip Girl," said Andrew Zein, senior vice president of creative, format development and sales at Warner Bros International Television Production. "The show has established itself as an icon of aspirational urban lifestyle, setting trends in fashion, music and pop culture, and we think that the success of the show will translate well internationally."
Gossip Girl is also traveling to Asia, where a Chinese version of the show in Mandarin is planned for production. This news comes on the heels of a deal WBITVP recently announced to remake Nip/Tuck and Gabriela – a Brazilian telenovela – for distribution in Latin America next year.