Film Four & Film Four +1: 31-01-2013.

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11:00Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired GirlPremiere. A man on a train recounts the story of how he fell in love with a woman at first sight while working as his uncle's accountant. When he announces his intention to marry her, his furious uncle fires him, leaving him desperate to make ends meet. He comes to realise his intended is hiding dark secrets. Romantic drama, with Ricardo Trepa and Catarina Wallenstein. In PortugueseFilm/General Movie/Drama

12:15The Million Pound Note[SUB AD]An eccentric multimillionaire bets his equally rich brother that if a man is known to be wealthy, he can obtain everything he needs on credit. To put this theory to the test, they give a 1million note to a penniless seaman, but instruct him never to spend it. Comedy adapted from a story by Mark Twain, starring Gregory Peck, Jane Griffiths, Joyce Grenfell and Wilfrid Hyde WhiteFilm/Comedy

14:00Bullwhip[SUB]A cowboy about to be hanged for a murder he did not commit is saved by a female fur trader who offers him a deal - she will arrange his freedom if he marries her, insuring an inheritance, and agrees never to see her again. However, once he is free, that part of the deal proves harder than expected. Western, loosely based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, starring Guy Madison, Rhonda Fleming, James Griffith and Don BeddoeFilm/Western

15:40Sailor Beware![SUB BW]A seaman meets his prospective mother-in-law and finds her so formidable that he starts to wonder whether his fiancee is really worth the stress. Discovering the fierce matriarch has put down a deposit on a house so they can all live on the same street, he finally decides to jump ship. Comedy, starring Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Ronald Lewis and Gordon JacksonFilm/Comedy

17:2020 Million Miles to Earth[SUB BW HD]An American space mission to Venus brings back a bizarre reptilian creature from the planet's surface, but once exposed to Earth's atmosphere it suddenly begins to grow at an alarming rate and wreaks havoc on the streets of Rome. Sci-fi thriller, starring William Hopper, Joan Taylor and Frank PugliaFilm/Science Fiction

19:00Journey to the Center of the Earth[SUB HD]Scientist Trevor Anderson sets out to locate his missing explorer brother after receiving a book charting his last journey. Accompanied by his nephew and an Icelandic guide, he is led to a mountain peak, where he stumbles across a system of caves leading to a lost underground world. Fantasy adventure, based on Jules Verne's classic novel, starring Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson and Anita BriemFilm/Fantasy

20:50Hyde Park on Hudson Interview SpecialOlivia Colman and director Roger Michell discuss making the comedy dramaFilm/Cinema

21:00TRANSPORTER 2[SUB HD]A retired former special forces agent has the job of chauffeuring the son of a controversial Miami politician. When Russian criminals kidnap the youngster and inject him with a virus in the hope of infecting his father, the driver sets out to find the boy and his abductors. Action thriller sequel, starring Jason Statham, Alessandro Gassman and Amber VallettaFilm/Detective/Thriller

22:40Mr Nice[SUB HD]Biopic of 1970s marijuana trafficker Howard Marks, whose inventive smuggling schemes made him a huge success in the drug trade, as well as leading to dealings with both the IRA and British Intelligence. However, his efforts to crack the American market look set to bring about his downfall. Starring Rhys Ifans, Chloe Sevigny and David ThewlisFilm/General Movie/Drama

01:00Buffalo Soldiers[SUB]American soldier Ray Elwood leads a comfortable life in Cold War Germany, selling everything from cleaning products to heroin on the black market, with his weak-willed commanding officer blissfully unaware. However, everything changes when a tough new sergeant arrives determined to clean up the base, while a profitable arms deal and the new arrival's teenage daughter only complicate matters further. Black comedy drama, with Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Anna Paquin and Scott GlennFilm/General Movie/Drama

02:55Hyde Park on Hudson Interview SpecialOlivia Colman and director Roger Michell discuss making the comedy dramaFilm/Cinema