hi everyone need some help plz. I have a dragon cam, and a manhattan starlight 6800 reciever, and a motorised dish. I just recently started using dragon cam, before I was using the matrix rev cam. With the Dragon cam Tps on Hotbird works fine, but my problem is with Astra 19.2e. The dragon cam won`t unscramble the D+ channels like taquilla xy etc, yet I seem to get the fta channels. I have checked all the frquences for these channels etc they seem ok. It does say in my manhattan reciever menu when doing channel search Astra 1B-2C (19.2E). For example I go into the positioner setup screen for channel taquilla xy, then go to tp data, it says tp2, freq 10788, polarity vert, S/R 22000, Fec 5/6. which seems all correct but keeps says scrambeled signal. I would realy greatly appreciate if some can help me understand what the problem is, why my dragon cam won`t unlock D+.