Film Four & Film Four +1: 01-02-2013.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00The Quiet Man[SUB]An American prizefighter retires after killing an opponent in the ring, and returns to his Irish roots in a village in Galway, where he falls for a local woman. Unfortunately, their romance is hampered by a conflict with her brother over a property matter. John Ford's Oscar-winning romantic comedy drama, starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald and Ward BondFilm/Comedy

13:35Cheyenne Autumn[SUB HD]Three hundred members of a Cheyenne tribe forcibly resettled on a barren reservation make the dangerous journey to their ancestral homeland. A cavalry officer is assigned the task of bringing them back and begins to sympathise with their plight. John Ford's Western, starring Richard Widmark and James StewartFilm/Western

16:35Toys[SUB HD]A dying toy-maker leaves the company to his brother, a power-mad general, who turns the friendly family factory over to the production of weapons. It falls to the general's zany nephew and his equally childlike sister to stand up for their father's benign world-view. Comedy, starring Robin Williams, Michael Gambon, Joan Cusack and Donald O'ConnorFilm/Comedy

18:55Jungle 2 Jungle[SUB HD]A businessman ventures deep into the Amazon to look for his estranged doctor wife seeking a divorce, only to discover he has a 13-year-old son who has been raised as part of a jungle tribe. The boy is sent back to New York with his father, but has a lot to learn about the modern world. Comedy, starring Tim Allen, Lolita Davidovich, Martin Short, JoBeth Williams and Sam HuntingtonFilm/Comedy

21:00The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec[HD]Premiere. A globetrotting French writer travels to Egypt in 1911, hoping to find and restore to life the mummified remains of a pharaoh's doctor and get his help reviving her comatose sister. On her return home, she has also has to contend with a pterodactyl restored to life to cause mayhem on the streets of Paris. Fantasy adventure, starring Louise Bourgoin and Mathieu Amalric. In FrenchFilm/Adventure/Fantasy

23:05Street Kings[SUB HD]A determined Los Angeles cop becomes obsessed with tracking down the men who killed his partner. Accused of having a hand in the murder, he finds fellow officers turning on him and begins to question where his loyalties lie. Crime drama, with a script by James Ellroy, starring Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker and Hugh LaurieFilm/Detective/Thriller

01:15Reno 911!: Miami[SUB HD]A group of bumbling police officers travels to Miami for a convention, which becomes the target of a biological terrorist attack. Realising the incident has caused the local force to be quarantined in the building where they were meeting, the ragtag visitors take it upon themselves to save the day. Comedy based on an American TV series that spoofs reality show Cops, starring Carlos Alazraqui, Mary Birdsong and Thomas LennonFilm/Comedy

02:55A Gun For George[SUB HD]Short film about a writer who arranged for gangsters to fund a movie adaptation of one of his books, only for the backers to murder his brother, who was playing the leading role. As his contract comes to an end, his thoughts turn to revenge. Starring Edward Halsted, Veronica Roberts and Tim SkeltonGeneral Movie/Drama

03:15Where's the Money, Ronnie?[BW]Award-winning short crime comedy following a bungled robbery which sees the anti-hero being blamed for the ensuing chaosComedy

03:30Django Unchained Interview SpecialQuentin Tarantino and the cast of his new Western discuss making the filmFilm/Cinema