CCTV expands in the US

Louise Duffy | 03-02-2013

CCTV America, the US production arm of the Beijing-based global news channel CCTV News, will expand programming on 4 February with the launch of a new two-hour edition of BIZ ASIA AMERICA, 7pm to 9pm eastern standard time.

In its new format, BIZ ASIA AMERICA provides a daily business news magazine aimed at the general interest viewer, with a special focus on US-China trade, finance, and investment.
The programme combines business news with in depth global news reports from a correspondents across Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. The team is anchored by Phillip Yin, Mike Walter and Elaine Reyes in Washington and Michelle Makori in New York, and will be joined by Anand Naidoo, former anchor at CNN International and Al Jazeera English.
CCTV News is distributed across the US on DISH TV, satellite channel 265; in the greater Washington DC area on digital terrestrial MHz Network channel 3; on cable, Comcast Channel 273; and on dozens of other cable systems across the country.
Excerpts of all programming can be found on Youtube at the CCTV AMERICA CHANNEL.