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Thread: topfield tf4000fi firmware upgrade problem

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    topfield tf4000fi firmware upgrade problem

    hi to all,

    i just upgrade my topfield tf4000fi to the latest firmware successfully,the problem is i cannot use the edit code facility anymore. before pressing menu 121 is enough to open this facility.

    i was hoping and thankfull if anybody can help me restore back this so i can manually input nagra keys again.


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    Re: topfield tf4000fi firmware upgrade problem

    hello sir i have upgrade firmware to 500 sys but i try 121 no window appare and i have also tried 231 no option come for key editing sir kindly help me to solve thsi issue

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    Re: topfield tf4000fi firmware upgrade problem

    which firmware is accept 121 for key entring sir kindly send me link of firmware for my tf 4000 fi

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