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    someone said that we can see eurosport by a biss key on hotbird but i only see rai africa and fox tv by a biss key.. could i see eurosport? thanks

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    Re: Eurosport

    hotbird 13 east
    Eurosport (France) is now transmitted Free To Air
    (11240.00MHz, pol.V SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:13831 PID:2577/2562 English,
    2563 Greek,
    2564 Dutch,
    2565 Polish,
    2566 Russian,
    2568 Portuguese,
    2569 Romanian,
    2582 Czech
    2584 Hungarian,
    2585 Bulgarian,
    2842 Serbian,
    2838 Turkish.

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    Re: Eurosport

    thanks now but after? is it crypted in biss? In biss for me is not possible to see i only see fox tv and rai afr by biss keys

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    Re: Eurosport

    hi mate

    in yr box--you hv to open biss menu---and enter keys normally

    however the post suggests that these channels are now fta---so no key i needed for now

    best regards

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    Re: Eurosport

    Now it's not free to air..But on hotbird eurosport is crypted in biss? My keys in biss are always 001fff 00 how are the right keys for me? Thanks!!

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