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Thread: cacheex=3 best version of oscam?

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    Question cacheex=3 best version of oscam?

    I am using cacheex=3 mode with CCcam protocol and i would like to know in this thread of you guys best opinion that what version of oscam is the best to use for cacheex?
    oscam release every day new versions but I don't think they are updated the cacheex function etc......
    with some latest version I have found client duplicate logs, reader connecting and disconnecting etc..... where on same set up i never had these type issue in the past with old versions.

    so your opinion is valued about the reliable version of oscam for cach?

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    Re: cacheex=3 best version of oscam?

    Your assumption is wrong. Many of the new features / changes are related to cacheex. It is advised to update on a regular basis!

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    Re: cacheex=3 best version of oscam?

    Indeed use latest, and check your config..

    If you get errors, post details here..


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    Re: cacheex=3 best version of oscam?

    here config i am using

    logfile = /var/log/oscam.log
    clienttimeout = 3000
    nice = -1
    maxlogsize = 102400
    preferlocalcards = 1
    saveinithistory = 1
    dropdups = 1
    cacheexwaittime = 0
    cachedelay = 0
    max_cache_time = 9
    max_cache_count = 15000
    serialreadertimeout = 1500
    fallbacktimeout = 2500

    port = 23451
    serverip =
    wait_time = 100

    if any body have more optimize then write me here.

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