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Thread: violet phoenix programer

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    violet phoenix programer

    hi i just bought a violet phoenix programer to program my fun 7 loadercard but i dont have any software to run it

    does anyone know any programs i could use to load my card

    or any links for the programer ive looked all over the internet but am unable to find any

    thanks in advance


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    Re: violet phoenix programer

    Violet Phoenix use only indépendant loader

    for exemple K3 loader 1.0


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    Re: violet phoenix programer

    ok thanks for the help

    i dont know wat k3 is

    is it a program??

    or do i need a program to use it??

    any help would be great

    thanks again


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    Re: violet phoenix programer

    Take it easy Shaun cause you're getting it all wrong.
    K3 is a card and the K3 loader is a programme you run to programme this card using a phoenix programmer. You need a different programme to update your Funcard7. I do not have a phoenix programmer so I'm afraid I cannot direct you to one.

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