TF1 registers strong audience growth

French commercial channel TF1 registered its strongest audience growth between January 2012 and January 2013 rising from 22.3% audience share to 23.3%.

According to figures released by Médiamétrie, the channel has won more than 500,000 viewers in prime time over one year.

These results are mostly due to the success of entertainment formats such as The Voice, Koh Lanta, news editions and US productions including the new TV series Unforgettable, according to TF1.

The channel also claims a four point rise on its kids' slots over the year, with audience share now reaching 29% of kids aged four to ten.

However, France 2, France 3, France 5, Canal+ and M6 have all lost audience share over the same period. Among traditional terrestrial channels and apart from TF1, Arte is the only one to experience an increase, from 1.9% audience share to 2%.

Looking at the new DTT channels, Canal+'s free TV channel D8 has established its entry to the TV market as it is already in third place behind W9 (3.4%) and TMC (3.3%), with 2.8% audience share.

While France 4 falls 0.7% to 1.7%, TF1's NT1 keep growing to reach 2.1% compared to 2% a year before, thanks to formats such as The Bachelor, series such as Grimm and Alcatraz, and high ratings among women and young adults.

The six new DTT HD channels, introduced to 25% of the French population on 12 December, have found two leaders with M6 family network 6Ter, focused on factual programming, movies and series, and TF1's drama-oriented channel HD1.