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Thread: UniCam Loader

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    UniCam Loader

    UniCam Loader 3.0

    Only for use with Unicam firmwares for Unicam Evo and Unicam twin.
    It's not possible to flash Unicam Unicrypt and Unicam Deltacrypt firmwares with this loader.
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    Re: UniCam Loader

    Neuer Unicam Loader 4.03 für das Unicam 4.0 und für das Unicam Evo/Twin 3.0 (mit Upgrade)

    Windows | Mac| Linux GUI| Linux CLI

    Change Log for unicamLoader

    - fixed a bug where the loader was locking on the 0% progress status
    - changed "RSA-box keys Update" to "ModBox Update" for a better consistency
    - Linux GUI and Mac OS X version only: fixed a bug when pressing the "Stop" button that was crashing the application
    - Linux GUI version only: when selecting the COM port drop down menu it will list connected USB-programmer that were disconnected when the software was started
    - Mac OS X version only: added support starting from 10.4 and higher versions

    - fixed a compatibility problem with SSE instructions on old CPUs

    - fixed a bug on selecting v4 hardware in Windows version of loader

    - first public version

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