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Thread: Satelite reception

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    Unhappy Satelite reception

    My compliments to everyone in the forum. Actually this is the first time I use the forum and I surely hope I can get some help. We have had very nasty weather in our area recently and since then I failed receiving satelite broadcast. None of the almost one dozen satelites I have configurated is receiving any signal. It vanised shince we had a storm in here ( do not know if this is a coincidence).
    I have a Ferguson AF3018Se which I am happy with so far. I wonder whether I shoud make any update of the firmware. The reading in the display is simply ---- and I cant even set the time. The motor in the antena still shifts among satelites as fixed before but gets no signal anyway.
    What should I do? Can any of you people give me a hand please?
    Thanking you.

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    Re: Satelite reception

    Hi. If motor is still moving the dish to the satelites then i suspect that your dish is out of alignment. Best thing to try is send dish to a channel that you know was working before and then if no signal then try and adjust the dish to see if you get a signal. Another problem may be LNB or LNB cable. What satellites are you trying to get??


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