TF1 group sees erosion of ad revenue
February 20, 2013 11.17 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Increased advertising revenue for Eurosport International and the French DTT channels only partially offset the decline in TF1 revenue.

Eurosport International revenue rose 10.4% to EUR406 million, mainly attributable to the buoyant audience figures during the London Olympics. Ad revenue rose 18.4%, while subscription revnue was up 7.3%.

The broadcaster also reported that its online monetisation is growing. Total advertising revenue for the group was EUR1,775.5 million, down 2.5%. Income for the groupís flagship channel TF1 fell with 6.7% to EUR1,402.8 million.

However, TF1 is still by far the best watched TV channel in France with an average market share of 22.7%, which is 8.5% ahead of the next competitor. The broadcaster also claims 88 out of the Top 100 of best watched programmes during 2012.

There was a good performance from e-TF1, the division that handles interactivity, monetization of online video and the MyTF1 catch-up service.

The group also saw increased income from its bouquet of DTT channels, which now comprises of Eurosport France, LCI (news). TV Breiz, TMC, NT1, TF6, and HD1, which launched on December 12, 2012.