DirecTV Latam reaches 10.3 million subs

Pay-TV operator DirecTV Latam reached 10.33 million subscribers last year, up 31% on the 7.87 million clients it counted at the end of 2011.

In the last quarter of 2012 the platform added 658,000 subscribers, the largest growth in its history. During the whole of 2012, the operator added 2.4 million new subscribers.
According to Prensario Internacional, the company's revenue in Q4 2012 grew 22% to $1,670 million compared to the same period in 2011, 'due to the strong client growth', says the company.
For the whole of 2012, DirecTV Latam increased its revenue 23% to $6,240 million. The net subscriber additions grew 2.44 million mainly as a consequence of increased demand in the region, especially in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.
Sky Mexico in which DirecTV has a stake of 41% registered 5.15 million clients at the end of last year, making a total of 15.48 million subscribers in the whole region.