VTR tops Chile's pay-TV operators

Liberty Global's Chilean pay-TV operator VTR has topped the country's pay-TV market, registering 932,500 subscribers, which represents 44% of the country's total pay-TV users.
The company offers pay-TV services on cable as well as traditional telephony, mobile telephony and broadband. In 2012 the company had a total of 1,144,400 subscribers, up 3.9% on 2011. 46.1% of its clients are triple-play subscribers, according to Next TV Latam.
VTR began offering mobile telephony services in May 2012, with an initial client base of 10,000 clients, and by the end of 2012 it had 138,000 active lines.
The company's revenue reached $940.6 million last year, up 5.8% compared to the $889 million figure in 2011. During the last quarter of 2012 it gained revenues of $248 million, up $34 million than in the same period in 2011.