Abertis sees rise in profits

Iñaki Ferreras | 20-02-2013

Abertis telecom has reported net profits of €1,024 million in 2012, an increase of 42.3% over the previous year due to the capital it received through the sale of 23% of Eutelsat and 15% of Brisa, according to the company.
Discounting these sales, estimated to be worth some €1,700 million, the company's profit for last year rose 2% to €613 million.
Company revenues exceeded the €4,000 million mark last year, reaching €4.039 million, 3.2% more than in 2011. EBITDA was €2.459 million, a 0.2% rise, according to Europa Press.
The company's debt was €14,130 million, 1.7% more than in 2011.
The Spanish company claims that it has its financial requirements covered until mid-2016.