KIT fits 4oD for video-on-demand on Windows 8 devices

KIT digital has launched a new app for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system that will enable viewers to access the 4oD video-on-demand (VOD) service.
The UK's fourth largest broadcaster says that it commissioned KIT digital for its experience and knowledge of the 4oD architecture to develop the new app, which was the first UK VOD app to be made available on Windows 8. KIT digital had already developed a similar app for the Xbox 360.
"Channel 4 recognises that its audience expects to be able to access its programmes on the platform of their choice, at the time of their choice," explained Mark Christie, chief technology officer of KIT digital. "It also recognises that in a multi-platform universe each device has its individual strengths. To meet audience expectations, the interface has to draw on those strengths."
In addition to embracing the new Windows user interface, the new app takes advantage of the snap feature of Windows 8, allowing users to watch video-on-demand sessions while working on other things. It also supports a 'click to ads' feature whereby users can click on a target in a commercial to open a browser window with further information on a particular product with associate or ordering information without closing the 4oD app or missing video content.
"We're excited to see how developers are bringing their best work to the Windows platform and we believe this is a key factor behind the momentum that Windows 8 has enjoyed since launch, "commented Anand Krishnan, senior director, developer and platform group, Microsoft UK. "The work that KIT digital has done on the 4oD app is a great example of this, with the result being a really slick app that makes the very most of touchscreen input."