Colombia leads Latin America's pay-TV market

A new report published by the advertising council LAMAC says that pay-TV penetration continues to rise in Colombia, where it has grown 23% over the last five years leading to 84.4% of the country's inhabitants now having access to it.
Eight out of ten Colombians have pay-TV in their homes and spend 2.30 hours a day watching it, according to IBOPE, reports TV Latina.
The growth of pay-TV in Colombia has not only occurred in the higher socioeconomic groups but also in the medium and lower groups; in fact this is where the growth has been highest.
The study also predicts that the average growth for 2013 will be of 6.1%, establishing Colombia as the leading country with regards to pay-TV penetration in Latin America.
Mimi López, country manager of Colombia LAMAC, commented that the massive penetration of pay-TV in Latin America has made for an interesting dynamic in media planning, adding that no Colombian advertiser can ignore the fact that pay-TV reaches 84% of the Colombian population, making it an essential platform for any advertising campaign.