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Thread: K3 loader 1.0 ???

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    K3 loader 1.0 ???

    hi all i just found out i need a K3 loader 1.0

    for my violet pheonix programer

    any help please

    is this a program

    do i need a program for it

    ive downloaded some files from here but there codes

    im not sure wat to do with them now

    any help would be great


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    Hello m8,
    here you have the loader v1 with the restore os file !

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    Re: K3 loader 1.0 ???

    thanks for the help i just loaded it

    i think its on my card now

    so will i have chanels now ??

    im trying to load my fun 7 loader card for my dragon cam

    is the anything else i need to do to view stations?
    thanks for the help


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