skyDSL Global, Eutelsat sign capacity deal on Ka-Sat

Eutelsat and skyDSL Global have signed a multiple spot beam capacity agreement for Eutelsat's Ka-Sat satellite.
Following 18 months of broadband service delivery through Eutelsat's KA-SAT satellite, this specialist of satellite Internet services in Europe has inked a five-year multiple spot beam capacity contract on Ka-Sat, with an option for an additional five years.
Using selected service areas of Ka-Sat, the agreement equips skyDSL to step up broadband deployment across Europe. The Berlin-based company has been delivering satellite Internet solutions over the last ten years under its skyDSL2+ brand, providing a portfolio of Internet access and triple-play services via its established platform in Germany.
Services are commercialised from consumers to small businesses and larger customers such as utility providers, industrial companies, government and aid intervention agencies. skyDSL2+ is currently available in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and the Benelux.