Looking for LONG-TIME CacheEx Mode 3 Partners with Cccam camd Protocol

Because this is cache-exchange, I am only looking for stable and long term cache-exchange

Remember: Oscam CacheEx mode 3 only ! and only stable servers.

1. CacheEx mode 3 only.
2. You offer a stable connection.
3. You are not only resending cache but you also send cache from your own cards.
4. No cache-loopback.
5. No memory-leak problems.
6. You are not (re)sending false ECM (Please no false ECM and please no ERR CW !!! ).
7. If you are not sending back any cache for 48 hours > deletion.
8. You use a server with Oscam (Cacheex directly from a sat-receiver is not stable !)

What I offer:
1. A stable connection (uptime 99%).
2. Almost no downtime, and if Oscam stops, it will be up again within 3 minutes.
3. I try to avoid manual restarts in daytime (every night the server restarts automatically).
4. I try to avoid resending of false ECM > if you notice any false ECM just let me know (with details) and I will filter it.

At this moment I use Oscam 1.20 build 7209 on ubuntu 12.04
I use a max cache time of 12 seconds.
I send and take "max cache hop = 2"

Send me your cacheEx mode 3 details in cccam and I will reply with my cacheEx mode 3 details a.s.a.p.

PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS CACHE-EXCHANGERS. I am a bit done with people who are more offline than online..
Camd3, Newcamd or CCcam