Fanhattan expands online video discovery app


Mobile online video discovery specialist Fanhattan is widening its purview from Apple iOS, launching a Web version of its search functionality.
The browser-based version indexes 13 additional sources of video and three times as much free-of-charge content as its Apple counterpart.
Fanhattan made its first appearance in 2011, targeted at iPad and iPhone users looking to find movies and TV shows online. A watch list functionality allows subscribers to store their preferences and the titles they would like to see; the app then shows them if those titles are available via an online streaming service, or if they're in theatres. If the latter is the case, users can buy tickets via the app itself.
The new version of the service is being launched in limited release through a partnership with the Los Angeles Times. The paper has offered an activation code for the first 1,000 visitors to the site.,print.story
Fanhattan returns results on roughly one million pieces of content, plus behind-the-scenes info la iMDB, like plot summaries, actor bios, reviews and so on. It also contains a recommendation engine.
"What Fanhattan doesn't provide is a built-in video player, which sets it apart from an all-in-one service such as Burbank-based M-Go," the Los Angeles Times said.
"When it comes to entertainment, the place and time where you discover things is different from the place and time where you watch them," Fanhattan CEO Gilles BianRosa told the paper. "Much of that discovery comes when people are sitting at a computer, browsing sites or interacting with a social network. The company wanted to make it easy for people who get interested in a movie or show online to add it to their queue on Fanhattan, which could help them find it later when they have the time to watch it."