WeVideo launches Android mobile video editor

Michelle Clancy | 25-02-2013

Video editing company WeVideo has beta-launched a mobile movie creation app for Android so that users can take their user-generated content, edit it and publish it from the device.
Users also can sync their mobile files with the cloud for later editing with the online WeVideo production suite.
"WeVideo has a vision; to help anyone create great videos, at any time, from anywhere and on any device," said Jostein Svendsen, WeVideo CEO and co-founder. "The launch of our first mobile apps is a big step in this direction, with more apps soon to follow for other mobile platforms. Our one-click video styling tools are built on the platform we launched on the Web in November, and with our current product line, many people are saying we are the first to truly deliver an Instagram for video experience."
WeVideo customers can edit their footage on any online computer. With the new release, videos created with the WeVideo Android app can be edited, trimmed, stylised and published from the phone, or saved to be edited at a later time, with the WeVideo editor. Users can export final videos to WeVideo, YouTube and Facebook.
The creative control options include the ability to arrange clips, adjust track volume and stylise with any one of WeVideo's embedded themes, with built-in music, filters, transitions and titles.
The beta release of the WeVideo Android app is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy S III, The Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note II, the Google Nexus and the Google Nexus 4, with more devices to be added shortly.
"Today's customers are ready for technologies that let them share more about themselves and their lives," says Mark Floisand, vice president of marketing and sales for WeVideo. "Right now customers can find and download our app, but we also believe technologies like the WeVideo mobile platform will soon be integrated into handsets everywhere. A few years ago the market wasn't ready; networks didn't have the bandwidth to support mobile video creation, hardware wasn't fast enough and consumers weren't quite committed to do more than snap a picture and share it to Facebook. Now, however, we have the perfect storm where people can capture, create and share their stories quickly, and from anywhere. We're excited to see where the mobile video market goes in the coming years."