Advertising drops on Spanish TV

Iñaki Ferreras | 25-02-2013

Last year Spanish television channels broadcast 10% fewer advertisements than in 2011 - the first time that commercial ads have fallen from one year to another since 1992, according to Zenith Media.
Zenith reported that the number of advertising spots had up until 2012 been growing year after year, according to
In 2012, a total of 7.4 million advertisements were broadcast compared to 8.2 million in the previous year. In addition, the number of advertising minutes per day dropped by 11%.
The study highlights the fact that this fall in advertising happened within a context where there are more TV channels than ever.
The reduction in the number of adverts hasn't negatively affected the number of advertising minutes watched by the viewers, however, which was 22 minutes per day, the same as in 2011; neither did it affect the gross rating point (GRP) earned by the advertisers with each ad.
Zenith Media pointed out that the reduction in the number of adverts coupled with no fall in GRP indicates the growing effectiveness of the advertisements by 10% during 2012.
The reduction in the number of ads comes at a delicate time for the Spanish TV sector in which advertising investment in national TV channels has dropped more than 35% since 2007, according to the latest report by Infoadex. This is despite the fact the TV consumption is still growing, with January being month with the second most TV consumption in the history of Spain.
As a consequence of this drop in advertising investment some TV channels have opted to drop their prices which may in turn reduce future advertising.