MWC 2013: Shazam enriches tablet-based TV engagement

Editor | 26-02-2013

A redesigned home screen, improved layout for TV tag results and a new way to browse tagging are among the improvements made by media engagement Shazam to its flagship product.
Unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the enhancements, designed for iPad and Android tablet owners, are, says Shazam, a response to rapid growth in the number of its users and the level of their engagement. We now have over 300 million Shazamers globally with an increasing proportion of whom use our app on their iPad or Android tablet devices to interact with television. This new version of Shazam optimises discovery, engagement, transactions and exploration in a tablet environment, revealed Andrew Fisher, Shazam CEO. Its the most efficient way to experience more of the media around you whether you are in your home or in any other environment throughout the world.

Indeed the company added that over the past months it had been seeing triple-digit growth in the number of downloads of the iPad version of its app, particularly for use as a second-screen companion device while watching television. It regards tablets as an ideal way to experience more on the second screen as people watch television on the first screen, giving people more space to engage in additional content.
With a nod to the fact that not every user can access networks offering the highest bandwidth, the product also offers automatic resubmission of searches so that those in a poor network reception area no longer have to manually resubmit their tags when they get to a better reception area. Resubmission will happen automatically, and the user will be notified.