MWC 2013: doubleTwist takes on Apple with open-source media streaming

Michelle Clancy | 27-02-2013

In an effort to give Android the same functionality that Apple provides with AirPlay, doubleTwist has announced a partnership with chip-maker Qualcomm to build an open-source wireless media streaming platform.
Announced at Mobile World Congress and built upon Qualcomm's AllJoyn platform, MagicPlay will connect smartphones and tablets with speakers, TVs, car audio systems and other devices.
"Over the last year we have been asked by many device-makers if we could develop a simple and universal solution for the consumer electronics market that would serve the hundreds of millions of Android and other devices outside the Apple ecosystem," said Jon Lech Johansen, of doubleTwist. "MagicPlay enables users to amplify their smartphone's music and enjoy it on any speaker or entertainment system. Our partnership with Qualcomm will enable OEMs to easily integrate this functionality with devices they bring to market."
Manufacturers of wireless speakers, wireless headphones, smart TVs and others will be able to add support for MagicPlay by embedding an open source component. The doubleTwist Player for Android will be the first application to integrate MagicPlay this spring. Subsequently, the MagicPlay source code will be released to third-party developers to embed into their apps starting in the third quarter of 2013. Consumers will be able to stream their music to any MagicPlay connected device from doubleTwist Player or any other MagicPlay-compatible app on their mobile device.