Aereo kicks off expansion in NJ, NY, PA and CT

Parent Category: News | 27-02-2013

Barry Diller-backed start-up Aereo has announced the first step in a nationwide services expansion, which will cover 29 counties in the Northeast and 19 million people.
Once confined to New York City's five boroughs, it will now have a presence in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. The company said that it plans to charge as little as $8 per month, $80 per year or $1 per day for the service.
Aereo offers live TV over broadband outside of a traditional pay-TV subscription, with feeds of local free-to-air TV channels on mobile devices, tablets and computers in an over-the-top (OTT) play. The networks are suing the company for copyright infringement for rebroadcasting their channels without consent or retransmission fees, but Aereo insists it is legitimate, thanks to the dime-sized antennae that the company gives to subscribers. The service has already won a partial legal victory when a judge refused to grant a preliminary injunction to shut the service down.
The company will soon roll out the service to 22 other cities across the country, including Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami. The company announced the plan in January, and said that it would use a $38 million funding round to do so. The full planned expansion would allow the company to reach 97 million consumers.
"Aereo's technology is simply one of the easiest, most convenient ways for consumers to access broadcast television," CEO and founder Chet Kanoja said. "Consumers want and deserve choice. Watching television should be simple, convenient and rationally priced. Aereo's technology provides exactly that: choice, flexibility and a first-class experience that every consumer deserves."