MWC 2013: SPPIRIT DSP launches next-gen white label SaaS video conferencing

Michelle Clancy | 27-02-2013
Voice and video over IP engines provider SPIRIT DSP has launched the next version of its multipoint Web video conferencing software, VideoMost 2.5.
The upgrade, announced at Mobile World Congress, allows 50 simultaneous interactive video conferencing participants in one conference room, and additional broadcasting of the conference to up to 500 people who can view and listen to the discussion in real time or recorded.
VideoMost 2.5 enables telcos and service providers to launch SaaS multipoint videoconferencing under their own brand and billing, to take on OTT video conferencing providers such as Microsoft and Webex.
"VideoMost 2.5 allows for massively multipoint, interactive speakers' participation and real-time conversation with up to 50 people participating in a roundtable discussion, and each person can speak at any time ― while our global competitors only offer a maximum of nine interactive video participants," said Andrew Sviridenko, SPIRIT DSP chairman. "VideoMost 2.5 includes the added ability to broadcast, allowing 500 other people to view and listen to the discussion in real time or recorded. It's a great tool for collaboration engagements, such as interactive virtual sales meetings or product training for up to 50 professionals that can also be viewed by 500 additional remote employees or partners. The number of conference rooms is limited only by the service providers' hardware server farm capacity."
VideoMost 2.5 multipoint video conferences are designed for enterprise collaboration, social enterprise networks, round table discussions, interactive educational workshops and other activities that involve active participation of speakers. VideoMost 2.5 supports remote broadcasting and conference recording as well.
VideoMost software server supports 1,000 concurrent video channels per each $4,000 PC hardware server, dramatically cutting down service providers' costs for a hardware video server infrastructure. VideoMost is targeted at enterprise customers in partnership with telcos and service providers as a SAAS under the telcos' own brand and billing.