True Movies : 28-02-2013.

Eurobird 1 - 28.2E

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True Movies

01:00UnforgivableAn abusive husband terrorises his wife and children before leaving them for another woman, who also becomes a victim of his rage. He resolves to change his ways after putting his new partner in hospital, and enters a therapy programme to find a way to control his anger. Fact-based drama, starring John Ritter, Harley Jane Kozak, Kevin Dunn and Susan GibneyFilm/General Movie/Drama

03:00The Yarn PrincessA devoted mother battles against overwhelming odds to prevent the authorities taking her six children into care, determined to prove she can bring them up while looking after her disabled husband. Drama, starring Jean Smart, Robert Pastorelli and Shirley KnightFilm/General Movie/Drama

05:00Deep in My HeartA white woman gives birth to a black baby following a sexual assault and resolves to give it away to foster care. However, after initially being placed in a loving home, the child is sent to live with a well-meaning but unsuitable family. Fact-based drama, starring Anne Bancroft, Lynn Whitfield, Alice Krige and Cara BuonoFilm/General Movie/Drama

07:00A Christmas RomanceA selfish banker visits a single mother with the intention of repossessing her house, but his plans go awry as a snowstorm forces him to stay there and romance begins to blossom. Family drama, starring Olivia Newton-John and Gregory HarrisonFilm/General Movie/Drama

09:00Golden Will: The Silken Laumann StoryDrama based on the true story of Silken Laumann, one of Canada's most outstanding athletes who overcame a serious injury and many personal challenges to become a world renowned sculler. Starring Eugene Robert Glazer, Susan Hogan and Nancy Anne SakovichFilm/General Movie/Drama

11:00Gone in the NightConclusion of the two-part drama. Shannen Doherty and Kevin Dillon star as parents searching for clues to the whereabouts of their seven-year-old daughter, snatched from her bed as they slept. Drama, with Edward Asner, Dixie Carter and Michael BrandonGeneral Movie/Drama

13:00RedeemerAn author takes up teaching in a prison, and forms a close relationship with a convicted murderer who is desperate to make amends for his crimes. However, their efforts to get him paroled unleash the fury of the victim's sister, who struggles to overcome her hatred and forget the past. Drama, with Matthew Modine, Obba Babatunde and Michele GreeneFilm/General Movie/Drama

15:00Mistaken IdentityA mix-up in a maternity ward results in two new mothers unwittingly taking home the wrong babies - leaving them to face a terrible dilemma once the truth comes to light. Drama based on a true story, starring Melissa Gilbert, Rosanna Arquette, David Andrews and James McCaffreyFilm/General Movie/Drama

17:00A Change of HeartA happily married woman learns the hard way that her husband has been hiding a dark secret from her - by unexpectedly walking in on him and his lover, another man. Drama, starring Jean Smart, John Terry and Dorian HarewoodFilm/General Movie/Drama

19:00Victory at EntebbeFact-based thriller about a plane hijacked by Arab terrorists at Uganda's Entebbe airport, chronicling Israeli negotiations for the release of the Jewish hostages on board and their ultimate decision to send in a crack force of commandos. Starring Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Blair, Burt Lancaster and Anthony HopkinsFilm/Detective/Thriller

21:00Without Her ConsentA woman is raped by her neighbour, but finds the authorities are unwilling to believe her. She is approached by a stranger - also a victim of the man in question - who tries to persuade her to combine their legal action against him, but her boyfriend favours a more violent form of justice. Fact-based drama, starring Melissa Gilbert, Scott Valentine, Bebe Neuwirth and Barry TubbFilm/General Movie/Drama

23:00Passion and PrejudiceA professor hires a convicted criminal to work for her as part of a prison work programme, and the pair soon embark on a passionate affair. However, when he is finally released, he tries to put the past behind him - something she cannot allow him to do. Romantic drama, starring Frances Fisher, Derwin Jordan and Kandyse McClureFilm/General Movie/Drama